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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mexican Pizza - Tortilla Pizza

Pizza No one will say no to this flying dish.... as this was an familiar name "Pizza" Now You can do this in your home.... no need of pizza base, no need of ketchup, all the things are handy in your pantry... I did this in oven ... no worries same can be done in tawa... (In medium flame) with a proper lid... only thing You need search is mozilla cheese... this can be get in any super markets and stores... it cost 75 INR... You can make cubes of it use for 6 months... Kids will enjoy to have make pizza at home...  now all your pizza dream going to true... in your home... 

Recipe source from Aarthy Yummy Tummy.....

Im trying this recipe for "Mexican Cusines" really i go crazy with Mexican food.....Also im sending this Mexican Pizza to  "Chesse",  "Sweet Luv",  "Sweet Luv", "Lets cook/Bake for Valentine", "Color me Red", "Non-Indian food",  Foodabulous Fest- Celebrate "Valentine Month & Giveaway",  "Cook like a Celebrity Chef", "Sumee's Culinary" Bon Vivant #12, "Bake Fest 16". "What's with my Cuppa?"which is a brain child of Nupur"Valentines Treat", "Cooking with Love - Spouse". Thank every one to hosting such a wonderful events....

Tortilla- 2 nos(Home made)
Refried Bean- 1 cup (Home Made)
Salsa- 1 cup (Home made)
Green Bell Pepper- 3 tsp
Onion- 3 tsp
Sweet corn- 3 tsp
Tomato- 3 tsp
mozilla cheese- 1/2 cup

Collect All the ingredients

Take one Tortilla and spread up with refried beans

Cover it with the next tortilla and start brushing

It's Brushed up

And Bake it in hot oven for 2 mins

Turn to the next side

Brush it up

Again Bake it for 2 mins

Over the tortilla's Spread the salsa(Homemade)

Start spreading the veges...

Fully loaded with veges

Cover up the veges with grated mozilla cheese

Bake it for 3-4 mins in hot oven

yummy yummy slice it 

"Home made Mexican Pizza - Tortilla Pizza"

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  1. very nice idea!!! Thanks for sending this yummy recipe to my event.. Looking for more yummy recipes...

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  2. Suchi, the tortilla pizza looks so good :) I wud love to give it a try sometime :)

  3. This looks really delicious.Thankyou for sending it to Lets cook /bake for valentine event.

  4. simply delicious dear..yummy pizza in mexican style,new to me:)
    Thanx for linking to the event!!

  5. simply delicious dear..yummy pizza in mexican style,new to me:)
    Thanx for linking to the event!!

  6. Awesome recipe thanks for linking this recipe with my event.. for winning feb's month surprise giveaway.... collect more likes on your recipe check facebook link

    ONGOING EVENT- "Foodabuous Fest: feb Series"
    Simply TADKA

  7. Mmmm..... Now you make me hungry. Thanks again.

  8. yummy pizza with tortilla wraps...
    thanks a lot for sharing with my event...

  9. interesting idea of tortilla pizza... first time here. like your space... will surely try this recipe soon


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