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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tutti Frutti Keasari(Tutti Frutti Sooji Halwa)

Long Time back i spend my day with my Lovable Brother... Here He is  for Wedding Purchase.. This Tutti Fruitti Keasari Specially for my brother... with all my LOVE..... 
I Got this recipe from my Mother-in- Law, she gave the idea to try...  Im trying this for my first time.... Hope you too Enjoy this new recipe in this Festive season.....  


Sooji(Rava)- 1cup
Sugar- 1 cup
Milk- 2 cups
Water- 1cup
Tutti Frutti - 1/ cup
Cherry- 1/2 cup (chopped)
Ghee- 1/2 cup
Raisins- 10
Cashew nuts- 10
Cardamom- 2 crushed
Salt- a pinch


* Heat the pan With ghee, Fry the cashew nut, raisins.. & keep aside
* Heat the pan with ghee & slowly fry the Sooji till the color change & keep separete
* Add the water & milk to the pan with Cardamom allow to boil
* Slowly add the Sooji without any cluster stir well add the left ghee and make it nonstick, finally add the sugar & a pinch of salt a cook well
* Add the Tutti frutti , Cherry , Nuts & Raisins..
* Shape them & Garnish with left over Tutti frutti
* So Yummy.... 

Milk, Ghee, Raisins, nuts, Rava, sugar, cardamom & Water, Tutti Frutti, cherry

Fry the nuts & raisins

Fry the Rava

Add the water & milk with Cardamom & bring to boil

Add the Rava String contiguously 

Add the sugar

Add the Roasted Nuts & Raisins, Tutti Frutti & cherry

Mix well

Make to a perfect Shape

Really yummy "Tutti Frutti Keasari(Tutti Frutti Sooji Halwa)"

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